Week5 Interactive narrative

In the presentation of the fifth week, the topics were about interactive and immerse. The speaker provided the audience with accurate information about interactive and immerse narrative. In my opinion, their speeches were very successful, but if they spoke a little slower, the effect would be better.


The interactive narration of the game and the movie have similar influence on the audience in the interactive way. The interactive narration is the user determines the story through their own actions, or creates dramatic changes. The interactive narration differ from the movie in that it is more choices. Benjamin Hoguet(2014)”Models including interactive content, but it’s a given that these will never account for the majority of the cultural and journalistic production out there. However, there are many cases where interactivity is actually a better alternative to represent our reality and to engage in a true dialogue with an audience submerged by information.As Michael Thomson(2014) points out that Popular in the gaming world, interactive narrative learning is a digital learning experience that uses storytelling to structure learning. Combining traditional narrative with visual arts and interactivity, its purpose is to place the learner in the digital environment, so that they believe their choices are central to the unfolding of the story.


Immersive experience, in this topic I through their presentation, I think of online games, in the first experience of online games, players began to understand the rules of the game, understand the background story and start their own interactive experience, through the role of the player, the player can Feel the same emotions in real life, such as happiness, sadness, and tension. When the player gains rewards or passes through when completing a mission, the frustration felt when being moved by the story or when the mission fails can be immersed in a sad, lost atmosphere.

In summary, letting users immerse themselves in the virtual world and making users part of the story is the purpose of immersive narrative. When a user realizes that his behavior influences the development of the story, he seems to be playing a role in the movie. This will be a successful interactive narrative.


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