Strategic Media Week 1

Our project named State of the Heart, it’s a documentary which follows artist and philosopher MECHAGEN ‘ the world’s mostprolific recording artist’, on a journey of creating an Augmented Reality book.  The book is a hard hitting sci-fi ‘ cyberpunk’story about a time-traveling hacker who liberates’prison planet’ Earth.  This educational, behind-the scenes, making of documentary details the lifestyle, work and perspectives of the artist MECHAGEN in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia;’The World’s Most Liveable City’ in fully immersive, interactive video with 360 degree views.  Fascinating and inspiring, State of the Heart engages deeply with insights and practical answers to question such as ‘What is ART?’, ‘What responsibilities do Artists have to society?’ and ‘How technology relates to Art’.  The special part of this project is that we all use 360-degree camera shooting, we will show on different platforms, this is an immersive interactive video, the viewer can change the part they want to watch when watching the video, because the whole movie is Panorama mode, based on research, interactive experience is increasingly popular with young people, AR / VR is the scope of our project.  It is worth mentioning that we have added a picture taken by the drone in the project. This choice will bring a completely different interactive experience to the audience.


My role in this project is a photographer. Maybe I want to be a dubbing task. Because our film is also for China, I will be the dubbing and translation work of Chinese. The task of dubbing is a new challenge for me. Because this is an area I have never touched before.

This project was chosen by me last semester. This is the direction I like, trying new media forms and science-oriented projects. This is the original intention of participating in this project. I have learned a lot about digital media during the two years of study. I hope to make a different work at the end.


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