Prompt 6:One Year Plan

This is my last semester at RMIT. For me who is about to graduate, the one-year plan is very important. This is an important period for me to change from students. Set some goals, these goals are not very clear, but need to be clear The direction. These goals do not need to have clear time standards. He is not my task during college. The achievable, challenging goals are the best.

After graduating, I plan to apply for a 2-year work visa. I may not be working on my major in the coming year, because during the two years of master’s study, I found out that I really loved it. Taking the fitness instructor license is my first goal for the next year. Many people will not understand why I chose a major that is not related to my major after graduation. Here, I believe that professionalism and employment are not necessarily related. Many people I know have not engaged in related professional work.

I have been in contact with fitness for about a year and a half. I am always passionate about this sport, so I set up my one-year plan as a personal trainer. Of course, I am not completely abandoning the media expertise I have learned.

In the plan for the next year, in the process of getting a fitness instructor qualification, I will open a personal youtube channel, show me on multiple media platforms, and choose some novel ways to promote myself.


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