Prompt 8:Work in progress

Our project “State of Heart” is nearing completion and has completed all the shooting tasks and recording tasks. But we missed the opportunity to show up in class. Our publishing platform has some problems. We use Wonda VR, a novel media platform. It is a media platform dedicated to 360-degree panoramic videos. There was a problem in integrating the video transport platform, and our video could not match the platform because of coding and some other issues. This novel platform compatibility is not as good as we expected, we need more time to reach our desired goals.

For the film itself, we showed our documentary to KIM and other students in the editing room. We are very interested in our documentary because it is a new perspective or a new viewing experience. We got a lot of feedback, most of them are great for the form of the film, and the audience liked the immersive interactive viewing experience. Of course, we are also receiving some valuable suggestions for improvement. For example, each of our films uses a fixed position, and it would be better if we could replace some positions and angles.


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